powerlifting coaching options

We coach athletes in two ways: Customized Programs and 1-on-1 Coaching. Both options start with a thorough questionnaire that collects information about athletic history, training parameters, and individual goals. Once an athlete has submitted your questionnaire, they are assigned to a coach who will either design their 8- or 16-week program or work with them 1-on-1.


1-on-1 Powerlifting Coaching

1-on-1 coaching is the more comprehensive option offered at Corvus Strength Co. Athletes have regular access to their coach and will receive weekly training, technique reviews, and feedback. This option includes everything necessary for an athlete to be successful.

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Customized Programming

A coach will develop the athlete’s 8- or 16-week training program based on the athlete’s training parameters and goals. Every 4 weeks, the coach will be available for a consult by video or email where the coach and athlete can review videos and make any necessary tweaks to the program.

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Hear from a few of the people we’ve worked with.

Athlete testimonial #1 


“My first few months with Natalie were not ideal, on my side of the partnership. I was experiencing mental health and general life difficulties, and was not adhering to my training or nutrition plans. I was stuck in life chaos. But Natalie stuck with me. Her gentle yet persistent coaching and guidance found me when I had hit a point where I couldn't continue life as I had been going.

With no judgment or any negativity, she guided me through the basics of tracking and flexible dieting with the goal of increasing my strength while cutting weight, and coached me through a training program which focused on rebuilding my lifts with a focus on form and proper technique. With the focus of a big meet, we worked together to prepare me as best as we could for the meet, where I exceeded my expectations.

But beyond the meet success - Natalie has helped me find myself. I now live a healthier lifestyle with a focus on balance, self-love and acceptance, self-care and a focus on the process and progress rather than on achieving a certain number, whether on the scale or on the platform. My passion for training has greatly increased, as has my dedication to fueling my body for health and performance.”

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Athlete testimonial #2 


“I met Natalie Hanson when she was in Ireland for EPC18, where she presented her talk on Nuances of Coaching the Female Lifter. I'm so glad that I decided to pursue coaching with Natalie; I feel like I've made great progress in and outside of the gym as a result.

I went from training in a powerlifting gym with coaches around to training alone in a commercial gym so I was eager to find an online coach that I could build a good relationship and maintain regular contact with. Natalie has been amazing, making the transition to online coaching so much easier. She designed a program tailored to my needs and organised a Skype call to explain everything before I started the cycle. 

It did take some time to adjust to RPE as I had never used it before but Natalie was always reassuring and helpful on how I was progressing. Every week, she provided in-depth feedback on my videos that I sent her.

Leading up to my competition, the communication was more regular as Natalie suggested keeping her updated during my sessions. This was particularly important when I needed a second opinion when deciding on loads for heavy sets. Natalie provided me with an attempt selection sheet for comp day and I followed the plan on the day. Knowing Natalie had confidence in me achieving those numbers made me sure I would get them. I went 9/9 finishing up with a 17.5kg PB on my total.

I'm already a few weeks into my next training cycle and I'm excited to continue to progress under Natalie's guidance and support.”