At Corvus Strength Co., we recognize that all athletes are people first. Through the pursuit of physical strength and working with a professional coach, athletes become better, more resilient versions of themselves.

Lifters at all levels deserve individualized attention to the things that make them unique so that they can maximize their potential, both inside and out.


Now that you’ve read our mission statement, let us tell you a bit about how we got here. As lifelong athletes ourselves, we came to recognize the profound impact sport has had on our lives and we would like to share that experience with those around us. We started as Beefpuff Barbell — a lifestyle brand and coaching company — in 2017. Over time, we refined our skills and narrowed our view to what we really wanted to focus on: providing top-notch coaching with an emphasis on female athletes.

We recognized that there was room for improvement in how female athletes were being coached and how female-only issues such as body image and diet, programming considerations, and pregnancy were being handled. Women deserved better than to be treated the same as their male counterparts when there are so many differences in their experience. We’re here to fill that gap.

We chose the name Corvus and the bird icon as our guiding images. “Corvus” is Latin for raven - a bird best known for its intelligence, communication, empathy, and resilience. Among other things, ravens have been observed to feel empathy toward other ravens that are injured and they communicate both verbally and using physical gestures. We think the raven represents our values perfectly.

We started off as powerlifters ourselves without fully understanding what we were getting into. Over the years, we have learned more about ourselves than we could have ever imagined. Strength has become a form of self expression. Some people express themselves though painting… some people explore mountain tops… we have chosen powerlifting.


COMMUNICATION, EMPATHY, TRUST, and RESILIENCE are our guiding principles.


So much of good online coaching is relationship development and maintenance. Effective communication is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship. In correspondence with their coach, every athlete should feel like they are the priority.


Every individual’s strength journey is their own. As coaches, we are empathetic to the varying lenses through which our athletes view their experiences and we use that understanding to promote improvement.



When an athlete hires a coach, it is because they believe the coach has the tools and desire to lead them to success. We are serious about the trust athletes place in us to be there during their highs and lows, both in training and life.


The strength training journey goes beyond the physical - it is a form of self expression and personal development allows individuals to become more resilient.