It all started when…

Natalie picked up a barbell for the first time in a CrossFit gym and began to realize that physical strength changed how she viewed the world around her. She transformed from trying to squeeze herself into a predetermined mold to unapologetically embracing her fierce competitive nature, work ethic, and talent and began channeling it to reach goals. Natalie founded Corvus Strength Co. with the goal of helping other lifters find that same sense of belonging, empowerment, and resilience from the experience of getting physically stronger.

Since that day at CrossFit Refinery in 2012, Natalie has gone on to compete and win at the highest level in drug-free powerlifting, taking gold at IPF Open Worlds in both 2017 and 2018. Her best lifts in competition are:


  • 197.5kg/435lb squat

  • 115kg/253lb bench

  • 202.5kg/446lb deadlift


  • 273kg/603lb squat

  • 191.5kg/422lb bench

  • 215kg/474lb deadlift

Having grown up in a small, isolated town in rural Alaska, Natalie’s early life shaped her strong ties to community. A lot of her motivation both in powerlifting coaching and her professional life comes from the desire to serve her community. Outside of powerlifting training and coaching lifters, Natalie works for a non-profit organization that develops and installs energy projects and programs in rural western Alaska, where she was born and raised.

My favorite part about coaching is watching the visible change in an athletes confidence from timid and self-conscious to owning their space and recognizing that they belong under the bar.
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Natalie recognizes that effective communication is the foundation of every great coach-athlete relationship. If you are interested in Corvus Strength Co. or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact her.


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